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Working On This Little Side Project

Last updated on December 19, 2018

Obviously my boss lady tells me what to do and it does not really matter if I am working for the company or doing stuff for her personally. One thing is not a lot different from the other in the final analysis. So I have been messing around for her instead of doing my Nine to Five job lately. She is involved in all sorts of things. One of the things is sort of looking for good deals on Lowell real estate for sale or any other good properties in this area. Of course she is looking for ways to hold on to her money and to protect it from the government and so she has a lot of things going and not all of it is intended to make a real profit. Some times she is looking for a way to create a loss on paper and that is what I am up to right now.

It seems a bit crazy if you do not recognize what she is doing, but basically she is looking for something that is amusing that she can sink a bit of money in and make it look like she has invested tons of money in it, at least on paper. In reality she is not interested in losing money. She just wants to make it look that way for the accountants. Obviously she does not come out and tell me this, she makes it so that I can read between the lines and then she quizzes me to see if I get the concept. She is not going to be caught on tape telling me to cook the books for the IRS, but she and I both know that she wants me to make it look like it would if I were doing something like that.

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