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Training As A Real Estate Agent

Last updated on June 4, 2014

For an outgoing person with good organizational skills and the self-discipline to work for oneself, a career in real estate can be both satisfying and profitable. Entry into the field is usually by working for an established business, either as a sales trainee or office assistant in a brokerage or possibly in the mortgage department of a financial services provider. Becoming a real estate agent requires formal education and an examination leading to a state license, and being licensed as a broker and running an independent business takes even more education and another license.

In addition to the initial requirement, most states require real estate professionals to meet continuing education requirements to keep their licenses. Both initial and continuing education courses can be taken at colleges and universities, at technical schools in local communities or at specialized real estate schools. For example, is the premier Nevada real estate school specializing in the field, although large state institutions also offer some real estate studies.

As a career field, real estate is almost unique in the amount of self-determination that it offers practitioners. Brokers choose the fields in which they wish to specialize, develop their own contacts and grow their business in whatever direction they wish. For the most part, real estate agents work independently and make their own hours, only reporting intermittently to their supervisor. For an entrepreneurial worker with good people skills, real estate can be the perfect career.

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