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Finding The Right Dealer For A Refurbished Forestry Truck

For decades, the bucket truck is used for a number of commercial and industrial applications. The bucket truck is a heavy duty commercial truck with a hydraulic boom and a “bucket” for raising a worker to overhead tasks. Large bucket trucks can place a worker more than 60 feet in the air. Electric controls on the ground or in the worker compartment allow technicians to maneuver to the needed area.

The truck is common equipment for utility companies where workers must install or maintain overhead cables. Sign companies use them for installing large overhead advertisements. The forestry and tree trimming industry has found the bucket truck, or “cherry picker” is an efficient method for trimming and cutting trees. Large limbs can be cut or trimmed safely many feet off the ground.

For small businesses, the forestry bucket truck is a major investment. Quality new models can exceed $200,000 or more. The high price can be cost-prohibitive for the smaller firm. For this reason, many firms look to the refurbished truck market for equipment purchases. A refurbished forestry truck can often be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a new truck. Often these vehicles come from large utility companies who replace a fleet after a number of years.

Those considering a used forestry bucket truck should consider the vehicle dealer. The better dealers will provide more than just a cosmetic clean up of the vehicle. A thorough inspection of the vehicle will be performed and repairs made as needed. Vehicles with extensive rust should be rejected. Inspection areas include the engine and power train, the chassis components and the suspension parts. In addition, the hydraulic section of the lift and electronic components should be inspected repaired as needed before sale. Reputable dealers will use best efforts to ensure the truck is in working order before it leaves the lot.

Unlike a car or SUV, the supply of refurbished forestry trucks is more limited. Businesses will often travel out of state for a purchase. Because of travel requirements, as much information as possible should be provided before traveling to inspect a vehicle. High-quality photographs, vehicle histories and repair documentation should be available prior to inspection.

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