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When To Call For Professional Pest Control

Every household across Canada plays host to various types of pests without even knowing it. The most common home invaders are spiders, silverfish and, of course, ants. Spotting one of these unwanted guests seems common enough, so most property owners aren’t quick to call in professional services. The trick to getting great results for your pest control needs is quick action.

The rule of thumb when dealing with insects is that for every one that you spot scurrying across counters or floors, there are ten more hiding out. Delaying treatment of common pests gives them the opportunity to build up populations and take over your property.

The Dangerous & The Destructive

While spider webs can clog up corners and look awful, other pests like rodents can be dangerous. Because of the health hazards and threats of property damage, vermin like mice, rats and squirrels need to be dealt with immediately. Everywhere that these unwanted guests go, they leave unwanted (and unsanitary) materials, like droppings, urine and saliva behind. Each of these can mean respiratory issues, allergies, digestive problems and, in some cases, hantavirus. They are also some of the most destructive houseguests around. All rodents have a habit of gnawing on construction materials and wiring. This means dealing with costly repairs and even fire hazards. Carpenter ants and termites take down structures bite by bite while fleas and bed bugs prefer to chow down on their human hosts. For all these reasons, the best time to call in pest control services is at the first sign or sight of them.

Seeking Professional Care

The quicker that professional services are called in, the quicker that you get back to a clean and welcoming environment. Experienced companies, like Toodaloo Pest Control in Saskatoon, are quick to answer the call for their clients and can tackle any infestation issue that you might have. Over the years, specialists have developed systems that can remove even the most stubborn of insects through a system of vigilance and after care.

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