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How Pressure Washers Help Sell Your Home

“Never judge a book by its cover”. Everyone knows it but the reality is that image is important when it comes to real estate. Industry professionals are ranking curb appeal as one of the most effective ways to connect with potential buyers.

This simple fact leaves sellers wondering what they can do to get the most bang for the least amount of buck. There are a few options out there but for a big impact with little overhead, pressure washing is the way to go!

There might be plenty of “For Sale” signs around your neighbourhood but if the property is not visually appealing, they might as well be litter. Some of the most obvious ways to improve curb appeal are through landscaping, new siding or a fresh coat of paint.

While these options create an immediate impact, they also come at a cost. These expenses might seem reasonable enough for owners who are staying put but why make such a large investment for a property that you are just getting rid of? Pressure washing blasts away mold, mildew and algae in order to give buyers a fresh view of your space. The advantages of pressure washing are keeping costs down, enticing interest and aiding the sale process along.

Move-In Ready

The exterior of a property can make or break a sale before ever stepping foot through the door. Move-in ready properties are a huge draw for buyers, who are 10X less likely to purchase a home if it requires a lot of additional work. Hauling boxes and uprooting a living space is a lot of hard work on its own, so any additional landscaping or cleaning needs might tip the scales in a negative direction.

Get Top Dollar

In the same way that real estate brokers “stage” interior spaces, outdoor care works in much the same way. Clients will often meet asking prices for properties that they perceive as move-in ready. Instead of dedicating funds to personalize or treat outdoor spaces, buyers will often pay top-dollar to avoid these chores.

Speed Through Inspections

Home inspections are an important part of any sale but they can take time depending on the condition of your space. Visibly clean areas are easier to asses. Clean walls, concrete and siding give inspectors an unobstructed view of problem areas.

Keep Ahead of the Competition

In highly populated areas like Canada’s west coast, there are always plenty of houses on the market. Setting yourself apart from the competition is key to a successful sale. Rainy climates, for example, leave behind ugly natural stains but an experienced Vancouver pressure washing company provides a clean canvas that sticks out from the rest.

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