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New Roofs Mean More Revenue For Sellers

It is no secret that the real estate market within Metro-Vancouver is fierce, so it is vital to set listings apart from the rest. Recent studies have shown that presenting “move-in ready” properties can make or break a sale. While fresh paint might improve visuals, the real concerns are overhead. In addition to dragging down curb appeal, a cluttered or unkempt roof can bring about a host of complicated issues that new homeowners just don’t want to deal with.

A new roof can not only draw potential customers in but can provide peace of mind to those putting in offers. Realtors mark curb appeal and ease of possession as some of the strongest selling features within the market. If you are looking to sell your home for top-dollar, the condition of your roof is the perfect to start.

Purchasing property is an expensive enough endeavour all on its own. B.C residents might work and save all their lives to afford a home of their own, so extra expenses are out of the question. This is what makes “move-in ready” properties so appealing. The concept of “move-in ready” refers to properties that require little to no effort once those pesky boxes are unpacked. A roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars and that is assuming there are no other issues going along with it.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

In the same way that a “for sale” sign can draw the attention of passersby, cluttered or moss-covered roofing can push them away. Broken or damaged shingles can pave the way for water damage, mould and rot. The experts at Vancity Roofing in Langley B.C are constantly at work assessing the condition of roofs and creating replacement plans that suit the needs of both the properties themselves and the climates surrounding them.

New roofing allows sellers to add additional value to the overall cost of properties, not only through eliminating the need of future replacements but by improving inspection results as well. Home inspections are common practice with properties both old and new.. Any qualified home inspector will be able to identify problem areas readily and warn both sellers and buyers of potential issues that roofs might be facing. A clean slate allows these inspectors to go off without a hitch and allows of speedy assessment times.

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