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Proposing At A Mykonos Villa Seemed Appropriate To Me

Last updated on December 4, 2018

I spent some time in the Med when I was in the Navy. I took some shore leave in Greece a couple of times. I met some nice people there. I met a young woman there that I really liked, but her father was not having a US Sailor for a son-in-law. I kept in touch with her on social media and Skype while I worked my way up through the ranks. On my last leave I looked for Mykonos villas for rent to have my vacation. I was an officer now, so maybe her father would see that I was serious about my career and his daughter.

The reason I was interested in the villas was that they are huge and have several bedrooms. I was bringing my parents and siblings along with their spouses and children. Plus, I wanted room for her and her parents and siblings and spouses. The invitation was open, and my family and I were going to be there. They showed up the first day we were there at the villa in Mykonos. I was going all out to show that I could afford to provide. Her dad saw it as me wasting some money. Still, he was impressed, and he really hit it off with my dad. My mother and her mother got along famously. I had it set with the parents and potential in-laws, but I was still the question mark in the minds of her parents.

They thought that my military career was too dangerous. It can be, but so can any other job. They got to know me during our time at the villa, so I took a chance and proposed. I was marrying her regardless, but I did officially ask for her hand. Sure, it was after the fact, and she hid her excitement until her father agreed. He still looks at me funny sometimes, but maybe that is just his way.

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