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Things To Do When Moving To A New Home

Last updated on September 15, 2019

Moving from one neighbourhood to the next can be a symphony of moving parts. If you are using a moving company, you typically need to make an inventory list of personal belongings. Then comes the packing, which is sure to disrupt your daily habits. All the while, you try to make sure you remember everything – like setting New York mail forwarding so your mail also ends up in the right place. Hopefully, the following information will help to simplify this small, but important, task.

Checklist of Places to Notify for Address Change

While the forwarding order catches up to your final move date, you can notify some places directly. Generally, this would include checks, magazines, paper bills or anything else you want to receive without delay. Some places to consider include:

  • Financial institution
  • Your employer
  • Credit card companies
  • Life, health, automobile and home insurance companies
  • Utility companies
  • Internet provider
  • Your child’s school, babysitter and doctor

Telling family and friends is also better than letting them find out when a birthday card not delivered – or returned. Additionally, notify anyone who may need to send a final bill for services rendered at your home address. The point is to make sure you get the most important mail sooner rather than later.

Other Things to Consider

Moving, whether to a different state, country or across town, can bring mixed feelings. Of course, you are happy about moving to a new area, with perhaps more space after finding affordable moving companies. The excitement of experiencing something new is unmistakable. However, you may also feel a sense of fearing the unknown or wondering if you forgot something that puts a dent in your moving plans.

While balancing between these feelings, you may also consider changing the zip code that is programmed into web-based services. Things like weather reports, local news or even coupon services can make you feel at home when these sites deliver information related to your new home.

The fact of the matter is that moving introduces a new set of circumstances that, in some ways, can shape your overall experience. A quick message on a social media site or email blast could help in making sure one person is not forgotten.

While a seemingly small task, making sure you continue to receive important information at your new address can help you feel right at home.

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