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Living Close To My Best Friend

Last updated on June 30, 2019

When my friend got an apartment at Routh Street Flats, she was pretty happy about it. I figured she was just excited to be on her own again, but she told me it was more than that. She has lived in a few different apartment complexes, and she really liked this one the best because they go above and beyond to make sure that the residents are happy. I had looked at Dallas apartments uptown myself a while back, and she made it sound so good that I decided to look again.

The one thing I was mostly interested in after seeing that they have nearly two dozen different floor plans was the amenities that are there for everyone who lives at the complex. I wanted to make sure that it was safe from others, so I was happy to see that it is part of a gated community. That alone made me want to find out more about it, and I am so glad that my friend convinced me to do this. With everything that I found out, I knew that I wanted to live there too, and it was so easy to fill out an application online.

I have a dog, so the private dog run is a huge plus for me. I also like that I can have another dog in the future if I want one. I can take my dog with me to a lot of the different places on the grounds, which is a must for me because my dog is like my child. I have my own reserved parking space, and the elevator is never broken down. That alone is a huge plus too, because I have carried groceries and huge bags of dog food up a lot of flights of steps before. This is home for me and my dog now, and it is great living so close to one of my best friends.

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