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The Three Different Kinds Of Insurance Adjusters

The insurance claim process can be arduous. Even homeowners who have great coverage don’t always know what to expect when they need to file a claim. They pay a huge monthly premium to have their house insured in the case of a flood, fire, or any other disaster. They should be treated accordingly during a claim.

During the claims process, victims are going to deal with an adjuster. The adjuster is the professional who inspects the damaged property. They then determine the amount of the settlement. Afer that, the homeowner can either agree to it or attempt to get more money if they feel it is unsatisfactory. There are three different kinds of adjusters.

Three Different Kinds of Insurance Adjusters

Company adjusters – Company adjusters are the most common. They are full-time employees of the insurance company. Depending on where they live, company adjusters may or may not have to be licensed. Company adjusters always have the insurance company’s best interests in mind. They will offer the lowest settlement possible while still keeping the victim happy. Their task is to satisfy the customer and protect the company’s bottom line simultaneously.

Independent Adjuster – Independent adjusters are like company adjusters. The primary difference is they are private contractors. They work even harder for the insurance provider than company adjusters. This is because their chances of being hired again depends on their performance. The term “independent” is a little bit misleading in this instance. They are not an official employee of the insurance company. This tricks many homeowners into thinking they have an adjuster who is working for them.

Public Adjuster – Public adjusters are the best resource for the claimant. They work to protect only the victim in a claim. They do not work with the insurance company in any capacity. Claimants get the best settlement possible when they employ public adjusters.

Public adjusters (PA) must have a license. This is in contrast to the other two types of adjusters. A PA must pass take courses and pass a test before they can practice. They are also referred to as private adjusters. They are the only way to know exactly what you are going to get during a claim.

If you have experienced extensive damage to your property, consider hiring a public or private adjuster. It is the only way to know there is an experienced professional working on your claim. They are also the only adjuster with the claimant’s best interests in mind.

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