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Freeing Up Home Storage Space For Our New Family Addition

Last updated on December 5, 2018

The new addition to our family pretty much clinched it that we needed more space. However, we were stuck in the lease for this place for another year. We signed a longer term lease to get a lower rent amount. The solution we came up with was to find a place for personal storage in Singapore. This would offload a lot of the things we use seasonally freeing up space all over our house. We had been stuffing items we use into every nook and cranny we could find in our place. Everything was stored in plastic bins, but they take up space too.

I think every family has some sort of storage space problems, especially here on the island where space is already at a premium. I had no idea how much space our clothes took up until my wife showed me. Our closets had clothes for the season we were in. The other stuff was put in bins until that season rolled around. We don’t have snowy seasons like my cousin in the States, but we do have rainy and other seasons here. And we have different clothes we use during those seasons. Now all of the stuff we are not using right now is packed away in personal storage in Singapore. This includes holiday decorations and other stuff.

The other stuff category are things we kind of want to keep but are not sure about. We can’t seem to just throw them out, sell them or give them away, but we are not using them either. We put those things in storage. We keep a book about the items we have in storage. If it does not get used in a year, it gets sold, recycled or given away. Our new system for our personal belongings has made more than enough room at our house for our first child. We could sign a new lease and still be comfortable.

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