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Good Fences Make Safe, Responsible Businesses

An old adage suggests that “good fences make good neighbours,” but fences provide for much more than just positive neighbourly relations. Fences have long been utilized as a means of controlling movement, but modern fencing can provide much more than that. Further, a fence left in poor repair is nearly almost as bad as no fence at all.

Maintaining properly repaired fences allows business owners to protect their assets, ensure personnel and public safety, and define a secure but attractive perimeter to their properties.


A fundamental function of a good fence is to keep what needs to be behind the fence in, and what should remain beyond the fence out. Businesses that neglect to perform fence repair Columbus Ohio are less secure than those that do. It’s that simple. Fences are a primary mechanism for deterring thieves, vandals, and other unsavory sorts from stealing, damaging, other otherwise compromising valuable buildings, merchandise, and machinery.

Personnel and Public Safety

Keeping employees safe is a fundamental goal of any business—without safe personnel, any company would struggle to succeed. A well-maintained fence allows local companies to keep their employees safe from the dangers presented by damaged barriers.

Further, maintaining a well-repaired fence keeps the public safe, in addition to reducing potentially disastrous liability and injury concerns for business owners and operators.


The success of any business is predicated on its ability to present a good image to its clients. Business owners should expect their customers to judge their business based on its appearance. A business that has not performed necessary fence repairs might appear lazy, unkempt, or otherwise unattractive. A well-maintained, attractive fence can improve the public perception of a business and its role within the community.

The benefits of a well-maintained fence are numerous. It provides security, personnel and public safety, and adds aesthetic value to a business.

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