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The Importance Of Regular Furnace Maintenance

Last updated on June 11, 2019

There is not a Canadian out there who does not deeply appreciate a warm home or workplace in the winter. When it is time to beat back frozen temperatures, a furnace can be your best friend or a stubborn obstacle. Instead of dealing with an unwanted surprise, opt for regular furnace maintenance. An annual visit from an expert keeps your system running at peak performance and helps keep clients and their families safe.

The Advantages of Routine Care

Furnace maintenance might feel like just another chore added to a list but it is much more than just that. Depending on their condition, a furnace can be an asset or an issue, so why not set your property up for success.

Safety: Carbon monoxide occurs naturally within furnaces. Exhaust is all a part of a working furnace and is completely normal – as long it is venting outdoors! Regular maintenance practices allow experts to inspect ventilation systems and make sure that there is no leaks in pipes.

Condition: Furnaces are massively relied upon in Canada. Colder regions depend on these machines for long periods and heavy usage. Consistent use means that parts can wear out faster than one might expect. Items like filters and wiring need to be examined and repaired as needed to keep systems running smoothly. Strained filters put added pressure on your furnace, shortening the lifespan of these expensive (and necessary) appliances.

Costs: Extending the lifespan of your furnace is a major relief on bank accounts but there are more ways that a neglected furnace can impact your wallet. If your system is having to work hard to heat areas, it drives bills up. Annual inspections and maintenance helps to save on sudden purchases (replacing your furnace) as well as everyday costs (hydro bills).

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