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Choosing A Retirement Community

Last updated on June 4, 2014

Choosing a retirement community can be either the easiest decision you can make or the most difficult trial ever invented whether the prospective resident is you or a loved one. One helpful key is to first outline what services are desired, the amount of assistance that may be needed and the environment that is preferred. You may want only minimal guidance and interaction with staff and can live quite independently and quite well for most daily routines. You might share a ride to local shopping or other community events, but you don’t need daily assistance with activities, medical oversight or personal care. You do want a caring environment, quick response from staff if needed, and friendly neighbours. For example, while no facility can guarantee the last item, residents and family members can vouch for any of the nine St Ives retirement villages found in western Australia. Each facility has its own itinerary of activities residents can join.

Keeping active is a principle upon which both you and a retirement village administration and staff can agree. Considering first what residents can and want to do is a stride ahead in retirement living. Crafts centres, workshops, swimming pools, clubhouses and fitness centres only start the list of possibilities for retirees in quality retirement communities. Well-lit and spacious dining areas may be complemented by al fresco dining options at retirement communities of higher standards of living. Free-standing homes hosting various floor plans and square footage, apartments or condominiums are often available for consideration. Covered parking areas are a bonus in inclement weather, and when located near the accompanying building, the convenience for both residents and visitors is heightened considerably. How many retirement communities in Australia actually offer a money-back guarantee of satisfaction within the first 12 months?

At the St. Ives facility in Albany, that’s precisely the assurance you gain. Restrictions do apply, though, but few of the residents seem unwilling to depart the friendly, understanding and rewarding living there. Don’t settle for second best in a retirement community. Expect the best to get the best in the Perth, Albany and Mandurah areas, whether you prefer coastal living or more inland.

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