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Choosing Professionals For Cross-Border Moves

Moving is one of the most stressful things that someone can do – and moving countries makes it even worse. Crossing the border can mean a fresh start, but only if you make it through! There is enough preparation that goes into traveling without carting all of your belongings behind you. This is why professional cross-border moving services are becoming more and more popular. Eliminate unnecessary headaches and delays by taking advantage of the knowledge, experience and muscle that these established companies have.

Understanding Security & Obligations

Despite being in close proximity to one another, Canada and the United States have their own, very different regulations when it comes to carrying things across the border. Instead of simply dealing with Canada Border Services, those crossing into the U.S need to navigate Homeland Security and American border agencies as well. Just one of these is complicated enough in its own right, so managing three agencies might as well be an obstacle course. Having someone in your corner who not only understands the necessary steps to a quick and painless crossing but has done it before can make all the difference to a successful move.

Paperwork is not for everyone, but it is a hugely important part of border security. Missing even a slight detail on a form can mean major delays or even holding items at the border office. While having items brought over does not require owners to be present, having items released from holding does. This can be a major pain for those who have crossed in advance of their belongings. An experienced moving company, like Ellis Moving in Vancouver, can not only direct clients where to find necessary forms, some even provide them and can help to fill them out properly. By making sure that everything is in place before engines are even fired up, moving experts set their clients up for success.

Painless Packing

Taking on a big move can quickly become disorganized in the wrong hands. Experts in the field are able to help avoid “guesstimations” by assessing loads before they take off. Professional services can also help to pack efficiently and perform an inventory on take-off and arrival, ensuring that all your items arrive safely and on time.

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