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Category: Infrastructure

New Roofs Mean More Revenue For Sellers

It is no secret that the real estate market within Metro-Vancouver is fierce, so it is vital to set listings apart from the rest. Recent studies have shown that presenting “move-in ready” properties can make or break a sale. While fresh paint might improve visuals, the real concerns are overhead. In addition to dragging down curb appeal, a cluttered or unkempt roof can bring about a host of complicated issues that new homeowners just don’t want to deal with.

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Good Fences Make Safe, Responsible Businesses

An old adage suggests that “good fences make good neighbours,” but fences provide for much more than just positive neighbourly relations. Fences have long been utilized as a means of controlling movement, but modern fencing can provide much more than that. Further, a fence left in poor repair is nearly almost as bad as no fence at all.

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Renovating Your Dream Home

For many homeowners, the process of buying a home involves many emotional trade-offs. The desire for a beautiful new house with all the latest design features (spa, jaccuzzi, master bedroom with picture window and a fabulous view) may have to be weighed against the need for a home in a safe neighbourhood in a good school district. The reality may be that it’s more important to have a home in a great neighbourhood than to have a house with beautiful designer features. And so, the trade-off is made.

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Choosing A Retirement Community

Choosing a retirement community can be either the easiest decision you can make or the most difficult trial ever invented whether the prospective resident is you or a loved one. One helpful key is to first outline what services are desired, the amount of assistance that may be needed and the environment that is preferred. You may want only minimal guidance and interaction with staff and can live quite independently and quite well for most daily routines. You might share a ride to local shopping or other community events, but you don’t need daily assistance with activities, medical oversight or personal care. You do want a caring environment, quick response from staff if needed, and friendly neighbours. For example, while no facility can guarantee the last item, residents and family members can vouch for any of the nine St Ives retirement villages found in western Australia. Each facility has its own itinerary of activities residents can join.

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